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The Druids Alliance is an alliance of smaller motorcycle clubs. The clubs still run and maintain themselves as before, But, can look to the alliance for assistance and support.  The only change in the clubs, is on the occasion of supporting others in rides or events, the clubs will don a set of "Druid colors" with their club name on the bottom bar to show the alliance is supporting the ride or event. There are no dues or fees. The alliance rules only apply on supported events or rides. These are enforced by druids "True Bloods" which are members with no club associations, also known as Nomads. "The Druids Alliance" alliance is not a M.C., but a collection of existing club. We do not wear a "3 piece patch" or "rockers" instead we have a 4 piece patch and "bars" the top bar states "Druids" the second piece is the mascot which is a cloaked druid, then the next bars states "Alliance" and finally the last bar show either the clubs name or "Nomad". We stake claim to no territory or state. We do not accept members into the "druids" itself but if you are a member of a alliance club then you are part of the "Alliance". We are not a 1%er club but do not look down upon 1%er clubs who will legally help and support the Alliance without hurting our image. The Alliance has no 'presidents" nor is it run by any single person. It is run and managed by the clubs themselves. All rides and events are organized by individual clubs and posted on the website for support.